Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Books out in June!!

I know, I've been an absentee blog-lord lately. My life has been super busy: Mom's going through chemotherapy, I'm desiging a web-class for the fall and redesigning my ENG 1113 class for the summer, I've been editing and laying-out the new edition of the Oklahoma English Journal with my friend Christian, I've been sitting through interviews for a new English teacher at SSC, and I've been winding down the semester. Whew! However, I had to take the time and blog about some new books coming out this month by some great people.

The first is STRAY by new author (and super cool person) Rachel Vincent:

STRAY (Mira Books) ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-2421-8
Faythe Sanders likes to pretend she's a normal college co-ed, but that's only half the truth. It's the other half that matters when her former lover appears on campus, sent to pull her back into a life her classmates could never understand, or even imagine. He has come to take her home, to where hunting doesn’t involve guns, the night isn’t for sleeping, and fur is much more than just a fashion statement.Female werecats are disappearing from all over the south, and the Pride is helpless to find its missing members and stop the stray responsible. Confined to home for her own protection, Faythe must face everything she went to school to escape: the family she left behind, the love she turned her back on, and the destiny tradition says she's bound to fulfill. And when it all becomes too much to handle, an emotionally charged error in judgment leads her into the unsheathed claws of the stray himself. Now, armed with nothing but animal instinct and a serious attitude, Faythe must free herself and stop the kidnappers before their horrific plot robs her Pride of its most valuable asset: its own continued existence.

The next is by my dear, dear friend (and red-hot mama), Gena Showalter:
Red Handed (MTV Press) ISBN 13: 978-1416532248

There’s blood on her hands, but it isn’t human. . . .

Phoenix Germaine has been trying to earn back her mother's trust after going into rehab and kicking Onadyn—the drug of choice for New Chicago teens. But when a party in the woods turns into an all-out battle with the most ferocious aliens Phoenix has never seen, she’s brought home in what appears to be an Onadyn-induced state. Hello, reform school.

Except, what her mother doesn’t know is that Phoenix has just been recruited to join the elite Alien Investigation and Removal agency, where she’ll learn to fight dirty, track hard, and destroy the enemy. Her professional training will be rigorous and dangerous, and the fact that one of her instructors is Ryan Stone—the drop-dead gorgeous, 19-year-old agent she met in the woods that night—doesn’t make things any easier. Especially when dating him is totally against the rules. . . .

Gena also a second book out this month, CATCH A MATE. This is a contemporary romance in 3rd person with no paranormal elements:

CATCH A MATE (HQN) ISBN 13: 978-0373772353
Suspicious wives hire Jillian Greene to smile, flirt and prove that no man can be trusted around a pretty face. Enter Marcus Brody, who’s been hired to prove the same goes for women. And Jillian is no exception! She can’t help breaking her “never get physical” rule when the heart-stoppingly gorgeous Marcus walks into her life. But can she really overcome her cynicism about the opposite sex to trust in Marcus? And can he do the same?