Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Jill Monroe's Latest Release!!

If you want a sizzling read, pick up Jill Monroe's newest book from Blaze: SHARE THE DARKNESS. You won't be sorry!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Binky Faerie

We're trying to break my 3-year old niece, Lauren, of her binky. On Sunday, my sister, Sheri, called and told my mother a story of how one mother broke her daughter by using the Binky Faerie. The mother told the toddler that babies all over the world needed binkies, and the Binky Faerie was collecting them. Did the little girl know of any binkies these babies could use? The little girl took her binky out of her mouth and gave it to the mom and then offered all her other binkies. The mother put them in a bag and hung the bag that evening from a tree branch. The next morning, the binkies were gone but a gift for the little girl was left by the Binky Faerie.

When my mother told me this Monday night, I thought it was the sweetest story, and we decided it would be a great technique for Lauren. So, yesterday, Mom tried it. She told Lauren about the needy babies and the binky faerie and asked her if she knew of any binkies the faerie could have.

Lauren took her binky out of her mouth, put the binky ring on her finger, and very matter of factly stated: "This is HER binky, and she better not try to take it. And she better leave her binkies alone at home."

Lauren refers to herself in third person.

So much for the Binky Faerie.
Wednesday, March 22, 2006
You Should Be a Science Fiction Writer

Your ideas are very strange, and people often wonder what planet you're from.
And while you may have some problems being "normal," you'll have no problems writing sci-fi.
Whether it's epic films, important novels, or vivid comics...
Your own little universe could leave an important mark on the world!

My First Novel (Oh the humiliation!)

Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe, and PC Cast are all baring their souls by posting the first chapter or prologue of their first novels. Well, I'll join in - nothing like group humiliation to help us bond. Here's my first novel, a lovely little Harlequin-esque romance entitled TO TRUST IN LOVE. I wrote it while recouperating from a car accident (whiplash, etc). I'd just read a horrible book and said, "I could write better than this!" Unfortunately, I was not on strong, psychtotropic drugs that would account for the very cliched nature of this book. Be kind and try hard not to laugh too much at the painfully obvious no-nos).

To Trust in Love by Kelli McBride
Chapter 1

Marissa Chandler stared into the full-length mirror seeking assurance there. She knew the leaf green dress was perfect. The silky material was airy enough to keep her cool in the humid Oklahoma weather. The color accentuated her fair skin and brought out the red tint in her long brown hair. It clung just enough to show off her figure, but not enough to be indiscreet.

No, it was not the dress that Marissa scrutinized so carefully. It was the figure. Even after two years, she sometimes would pass a mirror and not realize that the slim body was hers. After being overweight for twenty-three years, it took some time getting used to being thin. Instead of being hidden by sixty extra pounds, her 5’9” body was beautifully displayed at 145 pounds.

It was like her spirit was walking around in a different body. She had always had the long mane of honey-brown hair. The ivory, near flawless complexion, high cheekbones, and slightly slanted blue eyes coupled with winged eyebrows and full lips had often made people comment, “She’s such a beautiful girl. It’s too bad about the weight.”

Well, now the weight was no longer a problem, except in her mind. She often forgot that she now had a firm, toned body that matched her face. Marissa had to look in the mirror to reassure herself that she was not dreaming. However, her problems did not disappear with the sixty pounds. Though a successful mystery novelist, Marissa was still plagued with moments of low self-confidence, especially around men. The programming of twenty-three years did not go away with a handful of dates and the looks of male appreciation she now received. In fact, men made up a whole new set of problems. It was not easy being a twenty-six year old virgin with practically no experience in dealing with male advances.

Shaking her head, Marissa stopped brooding and set her thoughts on why she was dressed up. It was her friend’s wedding day. Rachel was tying the knot that afternoon.

“And if I don’t get a move on, I will miss it,” Marissa said to her reflection.
Just then, her sister Ariel yelled from the other room, “Are you ready yet?”

“Yes, I’m coming,” Marissa called back.

Picking up her purse, she smoothed down her dress and joined her sister in the living room. Ariel was two years older and two inches shorter than Marissa. Her dark brown hair with red tints was cut in a sassy bob that curved under her chin. Her eyes, though blue like her sister’s, were more round than slanted and had a tinge more gray to them. She was always thanking providence that she had been given a slim figure with slight curves to match her 5’7” frame. It was hard enough being a female assistant D.A. without looking like a centerfold as well.

“You look great,” Ariel commented as she started out the door towards her car.

As she followed her sister, Marissa assessed Ariel’s suit dress. She complimented her on her taste. “That outfit is just right for an up and coming young defense attorney.”

“Well, Rachel does know several important people. I wouldn’t want to meet one today looking like a debutante,” Ariel joked with a pointed gaze.

Lifting an eyebrow Marissa inquired, “Are you implying that I look like a deb, Counselor?”

“I plead the fifth,” Ariel laughed, holding her hand up in a mock oath. “Seriously, you look great. Is there any special reason you went to so much trouble with your appearance?”

“That’s leading the witness.”

“And I guess speculation would be objected too?”

Marissa was silent for a moment. She knew Ariel suspected something. “Okay, Kate called last week and said that Jarrett might be at the wedding.”

“Jarrett Prescott?” Ariel said in feigned astonishment.

“Yes.” Marissa stared quietly out the window.

So,” Ariel drew the word out slowly.

“What do you mean, ‘so’?” Marissa turned her head to her sister.

“Just that you’ll finally get a shot at him,” Ariel answered.

“Ha!” Marissa crossed her arms defensively and half turned to Ariel. “What makes you think I still want a shot at Mr. Prescott?”

“What makes me think...?” Ariel repeated incredulously. “You were nuts about him for three years. You pined for the guy, milked all of your friends, including his sister—your best friend, for information about him, and kept a picture of him by your bed. You went out of your way to be his friend, grateful for any word from him, and you ask me what makes me think you’re going after him? Geez, you must think I’m an idiot.”

“Ariel, that was over five years ago. I have changed a lot since I last saw him. I will not deny I am eager to see him again, but it is more a feeling that I will finally be able to put those old emotions to rest. I’m not hoping to start anything,” she explained. “Besides, he’s probably bringing some gorgeous woman with him and he won’t even notice me.” Again, she looked out the window.

“Kate would know,” Ariel said, sliding a look at Marissa from the corner of her eye as she mentioned Jarrett’s sister.

“No,” Marissa said distractedly. “She didn’t.” Biting her lip, Marissa glanced quickly at Ariel to see if she had caught her admission. Ariel’s pursed lips, trying to hide a smile, showed Marissa that her sister understood the importance of that slip.

"Okay,” Marissa admitted. “I asked her if he was seeing anyone steady. I just want to be prepared. I really don’t know how I feel anymore.” Frustrated, Marissa ended her confession.

“Hey, I’m sorry,” Ariel said softly. “I didn’t mean to tease you. I know you went through hell when he left town. I just did not realize you were still hung up on him. You have hardly mentioned him in years.

“I am not hung up on him!” Marissa snapped. “I...,” she searched for words to defend herself, then slumped in her seat in defeat. “Oh hell, I guess there’s a good chance that I still am hung up on him. He was everything I wanted in a man five years ago. Faults and all, I loved him. They say you never forget your first love. I just hope you can get over him,” she finished with a fervent prayer.

“Hey, cheer up,” Ariel said. “Once he sees the new you, he won’t have a chance!”

“I just wish he would have had more interest in the old me,” Marissa mumbled.

Ariel wisely kept silent as they drove on to the wedding.
Sunday, March 19, 2006

Perfect Partner Meme

Okay, Michelle tagged me awhile back to do the perfect partner meme. So I'm finally getting to it.

Target of Perfect Partner: Male

My perfect partner:

1. Tall (between 6' and 6'4"), dark, and handsome (see previous blogs for an indication of my definition of handsome) (okay, it's a cliche, but it nicely sums his physical characteristics up)
2. Wicked sense of humor - not just a yuk-yuk kind, but someone who understands irony, and appreciates not only the sophomoric but the sophisticated as well.
3. Must absolutely be intelligent. Dr. Ruth is right when she says the brain is the main sex organ. I must have a man that can keep up with me mentally.
4. Likes sports, especially professional baseball and college basketball
5. Likes to read - I can't imagine being with someone who didn't appreciate the necessity of a quiet read, and even the re-read. People who don't understand why you might want to re-read a book simply baffle me
6. No neat freaks. If he can't live with a bit of dust on the furniture, then sayonara.
7. Compassion and strong devotion to civil liberties: I could not be with someone who didn't believe in everyone's right to equality, nor someone who is hard-hearted. However, I don't want a bleeding heart who will cry at every Sally Strother commercial for hungry children.
8. Independent who respects my need for space and autonomy as well. I don't want to live in each other's pockets.
9. Monogamous - there is no sharing.
10. Adventurous - be willing to try new things (please see #9), and can handle some role playing. ;-)
11. Allows me to rant and vent and cry if necessary without calling me overly emotional, etc. He needs to understand the drama queen in me, and be ready to tell me to shut up when I push it (but always reining me in with a loving and respectful manner).

Prison Break is BACK!!!

In honor of the new season beginning Monday, I give you Wentworth Miller.

Not only is he gorgeous, talented, and gorgeous, but he's a LITERATURE MAJOR!!! He's one of my own kind!!!

In all seriousness, I really can't wait for the new episodes. This is such a fun show - you never know what glitch is going to pop up, and I'm eager to see how they work Abruzzi back into the escape plan and what they do to T-Bag. This will definitely help me weather the Battlestar Galactica hiatus (what a season finale that was!).

New Olympic Sport

I have no idea what this sport could be, or how many countries could participate, but I nominate this as a new Summer Olympic sport. And I would volunteer to spray the athlete's bodies gold.

Anyone want to start a petition? ;-)
Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Donut Burger!!

Last night, the Colbert Report was so funny - as it usually is. One of the "Tip of the Hat" segments was about a new hamburger developed by a minor league baseball team: the Gateway Grizzlies.

Colbert said they've "created the ultimate in American cuisine. The donut burger. It's a hamburger topped with sharp cheddar cheese and two slices of bacon, all between a sliced Krispy Kreme original glazed donut. Hmmm. Like all great ideas, it's both surprising and inevitable. And at about 1000 calories and 45 grams of fat, it just might save social security."

As disgusting as this seemed originally to me, I soon remembered McDonald's entrant into this mixture of dessert and non-dessert foods: the McGriddle. Specifically, the sausage, egg, and chesse McGriddle: an unholy concoction sure to tempt even the most health conscious and harden even the softest of arteries. I do not eat McGriddles anymore. Something that sweet, spicy, and delicious, and topped with cheese, just had to be a one way ticket to the cemetery. But if a McGriddle tastes so good, I can bet this burger has it's charms as well. But I will remain true and choose to clog my arteries with a healthy dollop of mayonnaise and extra cheese.

To see and hear Colbert's clip yourself, go to the show's web site: This is a page that has a selection of Tip of the Hat clips - choose the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame clip (the segment has several tip of the hats - the donut burger is about half way through the clip).
Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I spoke too soon!

Well, I thought I was on the road to recovery, but with the pear trees blooming, my seasonal allergies kicked in, and now my bronchitis has flared up again. So I went to a new doctor yesterday. During the 2.5 hours I was there, they took x-rays and blood. The result? I have bronchitis of the lower lungs, but I also have asthma! I've never been diagnosed with asthma, but I have suspected I might have it for a while.

So, the doctor gave me a shot, asmanex inhaler for the asthma, singulair for the allergies/asthma, zithromax for the bronchitis, allegra for the allergies, nasacort to spray in my nose to prevent sinus/allergy breakouts, and he said I could continue using my Albuterol inhaler I still had from my last bout with bronchitis last year. You should see my purse! I'm a walking pharmacy. ;-)

I do feel better today, but I still have this nagging headache - which might be an indicator that bad weather is moving in. I'm hoping for a good old Oklahoma thunderstorm.

So, hopefully this new doctor will help me manage my allergies and sinus problems as opposed to just doing damage control.

Thanks for all the well wishes. I am thoroughly sick of being ill, as are most people I know around here who are going through the same stuff.
Monday, March 06, 2006

The reports of my death...

Betty asked if I were okay because I haven't posted in awhile. I am better, but I have been swamped at the college. Our AAUP chapter hosted a conference on Saturday, and I've been busy behind the scenes with my colleagues.

Next week is spring break, so I hope to be more bloggy then.

Love y'all!