Sunday, March 19, 2006

Perfect Partner Meme

Okay, Michelle tagged me awhile back to do the perfect partner meme. So I'm finally getting to it.

Target of Perfect Partner: Male

My perfect partner:

1. Tall (between 6' and 6'4"), dark, and handsome (see previous blogs for an indication of my definition of handsome) (okay, it's a cliche, but it nicely sums his physical characteristics up)
2. Wicked sense of humor - not just a yuk-yuk kind, but someone who understands irony, and appreciates not only the sophomoric but the sophisticated as well.
3. Must absolutely be intelligent. Dr. Ruth is right when she says the brain is the main sex organ. I must have a man that can keep up with me mentally.
4. Likes sports, especially professional baseball and college basketball
5. Likes to read - I can't imagine being with someone who didn't appreciate the necessity of a quiet read, and even the re-read. People who don't understand why you might want to re-read a book simply baffle me
6. No neat freaks. If he can't live with a bit of dust on the furniture, then sayonara.
7. Compassion and strong devotion to civil liberties: I could not be with someone who didn't believe in everyone's right to equality, nor someone who is hard-hearted. However, I don't want a bleeding heart who will cry at every Sally Strother commercial for hungry children.
8. Independent who respects my need for space and autonomy as well. I don't want to live in each other's pockets.
9. Monogamous - there is no sharing.
10. Adventurous - be willing to try new things (please see #9), and can handle some role playing. ;-)
11. Allows me to rant and vent and cry if necessary without calling me overly emotional, etc. He needs to understand the drama queen in me, and be ready to tell me to shut up when I push it (but always reining me in with a loving and respectful manner).


Michele said...

Those are beautiful , Kelli!
#10 is great with #6 a great idea!

Thanks for doing the Tag :-)

I think your perfect partner is great criteria for a perfect romanctic hero in any book. He has great appeal.
And you have good taste.