Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I spoke too soon!

Well, I thought I was on the road to recovery, but with the pear trees blooming, my seasonal allergies kicked in, and now my bronchitis has flared up again. So I went to a new doctor yesterday. During the 2.5 hours I was there, they took x-rays and blood. The result? I have bronchitis of the lower lungs, but I also have asthma! I've never been diagnosed with asthma, but I have suspected I might have it for a while.

So, the doctor gave me a shot, asmanex inhaler for the asthma, singulair for the allergies/asthma, zithromax for the bronchitis, allegra for the allergies, nasacort to spray in my nose to prevent sinus/allergy breakouts, and he said I could continue using my Albuterol inhaler I still had from my last bout with bronchitis last year. You should see my purse! I'm a walking pharmacy. ;-)

I do feel better today, but I still have this nagging headache - which might be an indicator that bad weather is moving in. I'm hoping for a good old Oklahoma thunderstorm.

So, hopefully this new doctor will help me manage my allergies and sinus problems as opposed to just doing damage control.

Thanks for all the well wishes. I am thoroughly sick of being ill, as are most people I know around here who are going through the same stuff.


Bonnie Ferguson said...

(((Kelli))) Sending you good health vibes :)

Michele said...

Criminy Kelli!
I can't believe all the stuff they have you on!!
I bet MacGyver could make up some serious voodoo with all those chemicals!

Gee, hun, hate to do this to you,but I'm TAGGING YOU!!!
When you feel better, take a gander at the Perfect Man Target Meme someone stuck me with.

((cyber hugs)) and a cozy fluffy blanket to warm you and keep you safe!

Heather Dawn Harper said...

So sorry to hear you're not well. I hope you begin feeling better soon. :(

Betty S said...

That sounds terrible.
I love you, but I'm staying away from you for a while.

Take care of you.


Michele said...

Hey, Kelli! How are things. Feeling any better???
I hope you rested over the weekend!
Hope to hear a happy post soon.

Betty S said...

If you don't get better soon, we are going to send a convoy of writers out your way with a truck load of major drugs!!!