Sunday, August 26, 2007

Look to the Rainbow

"Look to the Rainbow" is a song from the musical FINIAN'S RAINBOW. I love this song. Here's an audio of the song with a picture of a rainbow in Ireland.


Michele said...

I love the song and the movie Finian's Raibow!
So, Kelli, how Are things in Gloccamorra? LOL

Pretty Rainbow pic!

Rinda Elliott said...

Is this you????????????????/

Kelli McBride said...

Yes, it is me. I'd been listening to this song, and I love perfecting different accents. I really love the particular quality of a traditional Irish folk singer, so I was trying to figure out how they get that bell-like quality. I taped myself to see if it sounded close. Since the tape turned out well, I put it up here because Jill asked to hear me sing about a month ago.

Kelli McBride said...

Things are hectic in Gloccamorra, but after today, I shall at least have Saturdays back. I've been teaching a 5-Saturday World Literature I class - 8 hours each day. On Sundays, I'm usually wiped out from the 6-day week, so I have seriously fallen behind in all sorts of stuff. Including sleep. As you can see by the date stamp on this post. I'm still prepping for the last class - I forgot to revise the final take home exam.

Now I'm going to bed. Sweet dreams!

Rinda Elliott said...

Cool. I'm gonna blog this later this week. (g)