Sunday, June 01, 2008

Another Flight of the Conchord video - Foux Da Fa Fa

Okay, this is freakin' hilarious. Anyone who's ever seen a French film, commerical, etc., and who has studied French in school will love it.

The translation, omitting the chorus of Foux Da Fa Fa, is:
"I would like a croissant"
"Pleased to meet you."
"Where is the library"
"Here is my passeport"
"Gerard Depardieu"
"Let's go to the supermarket! Grapefruit! Pineapple! Orange Juice! Beef! Soup de Jour. Camembert. Jacques Cousteau. Baguette."
But of course.
Hello, mister.
Hello my small foreign currency exchange office.
How are you doing?
I'm doing okay.
How are you doing?
I'm doing okay.
Voilà! A conversation in the park!
Where is the book?
At the library.
And the dance music?
At the dance club.
And the dance club?
It's here, baby!
One, two, one, two, three, four!
Where is the swimming pool?
Pardon me?
Where is the swimming pool?
Splish splosh
I don't understand.
Do you speak the French?
Do you speak the French?
Uh ... no.


Tez Miller said...

Love how they throw in Gerard Depardieu and Jacques Costeau just for the fun of it. And you can't do something French without a baguette ;-)

What was interesting about that episode was the role reversal - Bret didn't really want to get involved, or shag. And Lisa had "two jobs: a pastry chef and a sniper" ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)

Kelli McBride said...

I've actually never seen the show. I don't subscribe to HBO since it cancelled ROME. However, I'm considering resubscribing so I can watch the guys. They crack me up.