Sunday, June 11, 2006

Betty Misses Out

Betty was trying to get the shot as the cover heroine for Gena's latest book by submitting this picture from her personal archive. But Betty's version of the story may just spell DOOM for the Beast - look who he's up against!!

Betty and the Beast


Betty S said...

Jeez, I would love to look that thin.

So, does this mean I didn't get the book cover?

Kelli McBride said...

Ha! Perhaps this is the story you were meant to write - the tragic tale of Betty-Belle who chose Nicholas-Gaston instead of the Beast.

Actually, let's let this be the new story photo - can you write an intriguing paragraph about this scene?

Rinda Elliott said...

Hahahahahah. I love these. I need to send you that pic of me looking up. You can stick me with a tall guy.

BTW, I'm sorry I missed your calls. I was gone most of the weekend and just called in to check messages, so I didn't see that you'd called until this morning.

Dana Pollard said...

I love it when you mess with pictures. You do great work! hehe And besides, when you worked on me, it was the closest to John DeSalvo I could get. sniff... sniff..

Hope to see you Saturday!!!

Betty S said...

I love it when she messes with pictures, too. Really makes me laugh.

Michele said...

LOL on Nick Cage! Betty looks great! What the heck is that thing on the left though? Or is that to Betty's right?
Either way - creepy- she's better off in the Cage! oh, sorry WITH the Cage...*giggle*