Friday, August 18, 2006

Here I Am!! and Pot Roast

I'm alive and doing well. This week, I've been at the college preparing for the first day of classes (next Monday). We've had formal meetings the last 3 days.

Okay, so next favorite meal is pot roast with all the fixings. My mom made this last night.

Big hunk o' meat prepared in a savory seasoning of pepper, salt, garlic, paprika, onions, beefy-onion soup mix, and morning leftover coffee.

Mashed potatoes
Steamed carrots
Homemade biscuits or plain white bread
Brown gravy made from the pot liquor

My mom's gravy is so good that I cannot begin to describe it. The coffee adds such a wonderful undertone to it. I used to eat 2 pieces of white bread simply soaking in the gravy as dessert! Of course, I have to watch the bread and carbs, so this meal is not a usual one (it used to be Sunday lunch regular dinner).

Sometimes Mom cooks the veggies with the beef, but I think I prefer the mashed potatoes and steamed carrots. She still cooks whole onions with the beef, though. Delicious.


Michele said...

leftover morning coffee? Surprising.
Good, huh?
I hope my kids eventually feel for my meals as you do for your Moms. Right now , i've given up - but you give me hope.

Anyway, it sounds yummy.

School starts so soon? Where did the summer go, Kelli?
I hope you have a inspiring year with your students!

Kelli McBride said...

I'm not sure where the summer went. I had about a week and a half before inservice began. I did go to the library and check out 10 books. I managed to read all of them in a week except 1. It was wonderful to just laze around and enjoy reading.

Michele said...

10? That's awesome! Sooo, are you going to share the titles? Makes for a good blog post. :-)