Sunday, September 17, 2006

The blahs

Hello my dears! Sorry for not posting in so long. Life has been busy. I'm now on the advisory board of the Oklahoma English Journal, a publication for the Oklahoma Council of Teachers of English. So I've been reading and copy editing a lot lately as well as teaching and other teacherly duties.

One great thing happened last week - The Daily Show and the Colbert Report are back from hiatus!! Jon Stewart has been on FIRE! So funny. Last week, they parodied the Progressive Auto Insurance Celebrity Translator commercials by having Little Richard translate for George Bush. They simply spliced in George Bush over the woman in that commercial and used some of his lines from his 9/11 speech. It was perfect. I thought I was going to fall on the floor, I was laughing so much. You can see it yourself on at

And earlier in the week, he'd done the President's 5 Stages of Grief, using clips of Bush's comments over the last 5 years since 9/11. The stages were: Denial, Anger, Anger, Anger, Hanukkah, Acceptance, and Denial again. The Hanukkah stage was in response to Bush's comment that he didn't think Osama Bin Laden appreciated the joy of Hanukkah. Well, duh! Stewart's face after that quote was worth a thousand satiric comments. Here's the YouTube link:

YouTube is a great site - you can find just about any clip you want from Schoolhouse Rock to something on CNN last night. I was trying to figure out the melody in this old Saturday morning commercial about hankering for a hunk of cheese, and sure enough, I was able to see the whole thing on YouTube. Gosh, I love the internet!!

I'm doing great, BTW. I had a medical setback because of a doctor - I walked out of her office because I felt her care would have cost me a lot more money than she indicated upfront - all sorts of strings attached to getting my post-op fills at her center. So I'm going in on Tuesday to a doctor in Edmond for my first official visit to a doctor since surgery. I will post the results ASAP after Tuesday.