Sunday, April 02, 2006

Another Lauren Story

Because my mom needs a break from watching a toddler, Lauren stays with her mom at the shop (which my other sister owns and my dad works at as well), every Tuesday and Thursday. We have a screenprinting and sign business. Lauren is amazing. She's not 3 1/2 years old yet, but already when someone comes in the shop, she'll go to them and try to sell them a shirt! The other day, and teen boy came into the shop. He has a Christian rock band and was having us design and screenprint t-shirts for the band. Lauren goes to him and asks him if he wants to buy a red shirt, then she stops and says, "Actually, you would look better in black." The other day, she was hoping to sell a shirt and wondered what commission she was going to make on it!

What have we let loose on the world!!!????

The picture is an old one - when she was about 18 months. I'd just finished putting on lipstick, and she came in and kissed me on the mouth, getting pink lipstick all over her mouth. Mom had the Polaroid handy and snapped a quick shot. ;-)


Michele said...

Oh, that is so precious!
Thanks for sharing this cute story, Kelli.
She's going to be a force to be reckoned with I think..!

Betty S said...

What an enterprising cutie!

X. Dell said...

Between the blanket and the t-shirt, Lauren sounds absolutely adorable. You can't wish anything but the best for a kid like that.

Jill Monroe said...

Love the image of her telling kid what color would look best on him.

Kelli McBride said...

She's going with her mom and dad to NASCAR this weekend in Texas. Kim and Scott have attended regularly for years, but this is the first time they've taken her. It should be exciting!

They left today, so yesterday I went home early and spent the afternoon playing with her. Her 2 favorite things to do now are dancing (twirling round and round until she staggers), and playing toss with a big balloon. I swear, we spent over 2 hours playing with balloons yesterday. ;-)

Last night we had a family dinner. You never know what might happen. I don't even want to let her out of my sight, much less let her go to Texas! I am praying God keeps them all safe.