Monday, April 24, 2006

Great Book Announcement!!

I just finished reading PC Cast's GODDESS OF LIGHT. Wow! It had me in tears at the end. PC manages to deal with the mythical past of Apollo in a way that doesn't ignore the more difficult choices he's made concerning some women, and still make him a lovable, sexy hero. I was skeptical that she could do this and remain true to the legends, but she does it beautifully, and in a way that I completely respect as a scholar of Greek Mythology.

I admit to having a "thing" for Apollo. He's always been my favorite.
There was the "Who Mourns For Adonais" episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, with Michael Forest as the toga-clad Apollo. He was more "Greek" in that he had dark hair and eyes, not the golden god of the sun and sky that I've always imagined him as. But he is sufficiently hunky and charismatic in this episode, and as a pre-teen, I couldn't resist the tragic love between him and and Lt. Carolyn Palamas (Leslie Parrish). Talk about some serious dream fantasies about being the mortal woman who gets the favor of the god, and an incredible hair and wardrobe update. I seriously wanted that gown and her hair. I really don't know how she kept this dress on - they had to have used glue.

As I read PC's book, I imagined Matthew McConaughey as Apollo - a clean shaven Matthew. In the Barbara Walter's interview with him, she commented on how blue his eyes are. And I immediately thought of him when I read the description in PC's book of Apollo with hair and skin kissed by the sun and eyes as blue as a summer sky (my words not hers).

The book was sweet, funny, and by the end, when I had no idea how these two were going to get together, I was wiping tears.

For those of you who love fantasy, this is a great read.


Michele said...

So glad to hear you liked it too!
And that ST episode ..great flash back! LOVE IT!

I wanted most of the outfits the girls wore on the ST feminine and seductive. Not the uniforms though...permanent wedgies.

As far as McConnaghy..he's yours ... no contest. Enjoy!

Michele said...

Hey, Kelli can you do me a favor? Actually, it's doing Gena a favor If this is truly a nekkid Brad Pitt... I can't tell if it's photoshopped or not..if so..they weren't very flattering....anyway, could you let her know the link if you think she'd be interested? Heh, who am I kidding, she's probably seen it .. this is my first time and I found myself looking for darts to throw but I don't think the PC screen would appreciate it ......

Is this REALLY Brad Pitt?

Michele said...

Oh! if you were wondering, I Googled, " Stupid Eye Candy" ...and Brad came up.

**Ahem** .... could be there is a message in that.... ?

doc-t said...

I LOVED the way women dressed in star trek. Even if it was sexist... sigh, i long for the days when military women wore dresses so short you could... on never mind.

and villaness allways showed skin and was always beautiful, even if green. i actually like green... green is my favorite color...

isnt goddess of light a romance novel?

Jill Monroe said...

Yummy Matthews and love my Star Trek Apollo. I was so sad when he "died"

Kelli McBride said...

Michele, I found that pic of Brad a few years ago, and Gena and I have made good use of it since. If you look on her pictures web site, you will see that the mock up cover I did of PLEASURE SLAVE with Gena on the cover has that pic of Brad coming out of the jewel box (tastefully cropped of course).

doc-t: I also loved the wardrobe for most of the women on ST. One of my other favorites is the show with the female Romulan commander, when it appears that Spock kills Kirk and turns traitor. She has on this wonderful black and white dress at the end - one shoulder bare and a slit up to her hip. It is gorgeous. And the episode with the Cloud City - gravity defying gowns. ;-)

Kelli McBride said...

Jill, did you fantasize what you would have done in her place? I remember day dreaming how I would have made it "work" with Apollo. And of course, I was lovely with my flowing golden hair, done up in a classic Greek style, and my sumptious, silky gown swirling around me as Apollo and I walked through his gardens in the evening. Sigh. You know, I don't fantasize like that much anymore. I always loved writing stories in my head like that, but somewhere along the way I've gotten out of the habit.

Betty S said...

You know. I love eye candy. That's real hypocritical of me. When guys do it to young girls (like my daughter) I think they are hormone infested skum. But Brad Pitt or Matthew McConaughey, OMG. I should hang my head in shame.

Michele said...

Hi Kelli!
Long time , no post!
School is almost out, yes?

Just dropping a line saying "Thinkin' of you"
I hope things are going well.