Monday, May 08, 2006

Long time no post

Me bad blogger. Me not post long time. Me begin write like student. Me grade to many essay. Me tired explaning how cite internet source in MLA. Me howl at moon. Me gibbering idiot. Me glad finals week here.

Okay, enough, I know. Yes it is final's week, but my dear friend Michele wanted to know what was up since I hadn't blogged in so long. It's just the end of the semester wrap up: committee work, division work, class work. Plus we're hiring a new full time English teacher for next year, so we had to go through resumes and pick our favorites last week. We also had to interview tutors and send our recommendations. I just finished writing an exam and still have to teach one more class today - my evening literature course.

Still, it's good to be healthy - no coughing or wheezing. Last week I had a round of migraines, but they were good and allowed me to function during the day.

I have treated myself lately, though. I bought an expensive pressure cooker from QVC. I bought the Sheer Cover mineral makeup kit. But I'm sending it back because I don't like the color or coverage. Saturday, I bought the new pink RAZR phone - I ordered it online so I could save another $70. I can't WAIT to get it. I dyed my hair auburn yesterday - I've done this in the past and love the red. I bought a new flat panel monitor, but I gave it to my sister since her's went out at the business and she needs one for graphic design. So that made me feel good.

My friend, Jessica, had a birthday today. She teaches here at SSC, so we got her a card from the division. I taped a picture of Keanu Reeves in the card and wished her happy b-day from him. What's great is that this morning, I asked our theatre teacher, the AMAZING Kevin Worden, to sing happy birthday to her as Keanu - he does the most incredible impersonation of him. It's really excellent. We have him read all sorts of things as Keanu - Shakespeare, lines from movies, etc. He once did an impersonation of Keanu doing an impersonation of Captain Kirk playing Hamlet. We were howling! So it was a great surprise this morning for Jessica to get a call from Keanu. ;-)

My niece, Lauren, learned to spell "poop" this weekend. It's one of her favorite words (she's 3 1/2). We've been playing with the Scrabble board - she loves putting the "buttons" (tiles) on the board. I've been teaching her some of her favorite words, and now she not only can spell "poop" but she can also read it when I write it out! I'm sure some people would suggest I teach her a better word, like love, but I figured I would pick something she uses a lot and that would encourage her to learn more.

I have discovered I'm allergic to lemongrass. It was in a new lotion and candle that I bought. The candle made my throat and ear sore, and the lotion broke me out in bumps. The only common link is the lemongrass. I've also eaten Thai soup with lemongrass, and it's made my throat tickle - I thought it was the pepper.

Favorite Thai food: Massuman Curry (the one with potatoes).
Second Favorite: Panang Curry (with peanuts and green beans).
Third favorite Thai food: Ground Chicken Salad or Beef Salad - Delicious!

Joke: The female gorilla at the zoo was acting strange. The vets observed her for a while and realized that she needed to mate. However, there were no male gorillas nearby. They thought about it a bit and decided they would ask Bubba, the intern who was studying Animal Husbandry at OSU. They said, "Bubba, for $500 would you mate with our female gorilla?" He looked at them with a frown, thought a bit, and then asked, "Can I think it over and tell you tomorrow?" They said, "Sure." The next day, Bubba arrived and told them, "I'll do it, but I have 4 conditions.
1) No kissing on the mouth. 2) No one can know about this. 3) If there are any children, they have to be raised Southern Baptist, and 4) I'll need 2 weeks to scrape up the $500 bucks."

Isn't that hilarious!! I would like to point out that Bubba attends the same college that just gave honorary degrees to George Bush in Agricultural Economics and Political Science. They might just as well have given him degrees in laser surgery and ballet. He knows as much about those as he does the first two.

Well, I've managed to waste nearly 30 minutes, so I'll sign off and get ready to go to class. Bonne nuit, mes amis!


Michele said...

Wow! Kelli! you made up for lost time. What a humungous post! Loved the Gorilla story. Oh, Please be careful with food allergies. I have joined a group, we are just starting - it is a support group with children who have life threatening food allergies. We are hoping to make changes in our local school system to make it safer for our kids with these issues. Be Safe, Kelli!!!

I'm glad that your time of "howling" at the moon is almost over, YEAH!!!

Thanks for sharing such wonderful stories on the doings in your life.
Very special, especially your niece.

Rinda Elliott said...

Shrimp Pad Thai. It simply rocks.

Good to hear from you! End of the year is rough. I finally sat down today and wrote out my children's schedules and nearly passed out.

I bet you are looking forward to summer. Big time.