Saturday, April 08, 2006


As many of you may be aware, Jill has a new book out, SHARE THE DARKNESS. What you might not be aware of, though, is just how deep the Blaze goes in Jill. I'm not sure if it's the cherry in her Sonic Cherry Cokes - maybe after so many, a person changes on the genetic level, but this is a woman predisposed to write hot, sexy, steamy romance.

Item 1: She invented STROIKA SEX. Not merely content to be president of her local RWA chapter, help create one of the most successful writing contests for unpublished authors, help institute the judge training in RWA, etc., Jill managed to create a totally new type of sex inspired by Mikhail Gorbachev's Perestroika policies (or maybe it was just the way the former Soviet president looked in a fur coat). Though she's never been willing to share specific details about this method of sexual satience, she always smiles that mysterious Mona Lisa smile whenever the terms pops up.

Item 2: One of her first requests of me as a graphic designer was to incorporate a blue dildo in a graphic. I quickly saw the bottom line for Jill.

Item 3: Obviously anyone not fooled by Brad Pitts cheesy, shallow attraction truly understands Blaze-type heat. That's why our good friend Gena Showalter writes fantasy - she's living in a delusion. ;-)

So run and grab this book before it's gone!!


Rinda Elliott said...


I'm not a Pitt fan either.

Gena Showalter said...

HeeHee. Love this post. Too funny! And maybe it's the rest of you who are delusional???

Betty S said...

I'm deluded, too.

Rinda Elliott said...

I used to be, Gena. He still has a nice body.

Michele said...

Kelli! You have put tears in my eyes...ROTFL!
I thought #2 was hysterical until I got to #3.

Love your sense of humor!

Dana Pollard said...

I'm not a fan of Brad either. His hair is too light.

Jill Monroe said...

This post totally cracked me up!!!