Tuesday, January 09, 2007

December's Winter Storm

I took this picture during our unseasonable blizzard last month. I think it is so pretty - the tree is still in its fall colors but the ground is thick with white snow.

The oak tree that dominates the picture was planted about 80 years ago. There is a picture of our house taken in 1927 and this tree is only a sapling. Now it towers over the house, reaching to the second story, and is so huge that grass will hardly grow on that side of the sidewalk.

If you click on the photo, a much larger version will load, and you can see the beautiful variations of leaves and colors.


Betty S said...

Is that a small lion in the front yard?

Kelli McBride said...

Yes, that's Cleo, our guardian. The neighborhood kids love to climb on him, and one elderly man, who walks to the post office everyday, past our house, always leaves a penny on top of Cleo's head. It's very easy for people to find our house - we simply say, we're the red brick 2-story with the lion out front.

Betty S said...

That is so awesome

Rinda Elliott said...

Beautiful picture!

Michele said...

AT least SOMEBODY is getting snow.

It is beautiful, Kelli. Thank you for sharing and I enjoyed reading about how the neighborhood interacts with your lion. I wonder what superstition "the penny on the head" is? Have you ever asked him?

BTW- I really like your new template. It's unique.

Hope all is well with you, Kelli.
The viruses are nasty this season.