Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Well, my mom is in the hospital. She had colon cancer surgery on 1/10/07, was in the hospital a week, and then came home. She was home for 5 days when we had to take her to the emergency room because she had severe nausea and indigestion. 2 days later, she was back in the emergency room and they finally admitted her to the hospital with a urinary tract infection and blocked bowels. She's had x-rays every day since Friday to see what's going on inside, and as of today, they still don't seem to know much. Tomorrow, the dr. will take more x-rays and if she's not better, they will perform surgery. The poor thing hasn't eaten since last Tuesday, and she's so hungry.

My niece started day care/pre-K yesterday. Today is her first full day, and so far she's loving it. She was so excited about getting to stay with the kids and going to school. I cried this morning thinking of how much she's growing. I'm selfish and want her all to myself. ;-)

That's pretty much it for me lately.