Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Great TV

I'm enjoying my TV lately. ROME began its 2nd season this month - and it is soooooo wonderful. James Purefoy as Marc Antony is fantastic - so indulgent, at time crass, a man of action, and funny. There is no weak link in this cast.

PRISON BREAK is also showing new episodes. The show consistently puts out high octane episodes that ratchet up the tension. Finally Sara and Michael will be reunited next week. I really love trying to figure out the twists and turns in this series. I never know what to expect.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - whoo-hoo! Baltar is now a prisoner on the ship, one of the Caprica models is also in the brig, Boomer and Helo have their baby back, Starbuck and Apollo are dealing with unrequited lust/love/dog in the manger - I'm not sure what. It's excellent.

STARGATE SG-1 - it's not back on yet, but I did hear that this will be the final season for the show. It's time. Since Jack left, the series just hasn't gelled. I hope we will see resolution between Jack and Sam. I'm also wondering if any of the cast will crossover to ATLANTIS.

THE DRESDEN FILES - I've not read any of Jim Butcher's books, but the first two episodes of this new X-Files-like series have me ordering online. I've heard there are some differences in the series and the books, but I love it. I've longed for a new X-FILES - a show that makes me think, fear, laugh, cry, angry...a show with a great cast, innovative writers and directors, and the nerve to push the limits. I have no idea if this show will be all of those things, but so far it has great potential. Another show that looks intriguing is BLOOD TIES on Lifetime based on Tanya Huff's Blood series about Vicky Nelson.


Heather Harper said...

BSG is my favorite show on TV. I've also enjoyed the first few episodes of The Dresden Files.

(Wondering if my little show Eureka is going to be picked up for another season...)

Kelli McBride said...

BSG is incredible. I can't wait for next week's episode! I really was skeptical about the show when it premiered, being a nostalgic fan of the original show. But it is SO much better than the original. BSG is a serious drama and isn't afraid of tackling some tough topics. I am really interested in how they're going to handle Boomer and Helo's baby.