Thursday, November 03, 2005

Another Shot of the Sneaky Shark-Deer

Christian remained asleep as the sneaky Shark-Deer waded to shore and proceeded to sip the last drop of Spaten from Christian's bottle. Later, Christian would accuse colleague Jeff Cox of beer-thievery, a serious offense in our department. But Jeff pleaded innocent. Only now, with the wonders of photography, can Jeff be cleared of this incident. As for those other occasions when beer went missing....well, you don't see the Shark-Deer on dry land in the middle of Oklahoma.


Michele said...


What does a drunk shark-deer look like.????.*giggle*

Love it!

Kelli McBride said...

You don't want to know. Do NOT approach a Shark-Deer who is either sober or drunk because it is either: looking for beer and is dangerous, or it's had too much beer and is dangerous.

Don't let the delicate straw fool you, the Shark-Deer is a ruthless predator, constantly in search of the darkest, most vile beer it can find. It has that in common with some of my colleagues who will glug down the blackest brew with a sigh of delight. That sigh is quickly followed by a suspicious glare as the drinker realizes someone else may want some. ;-)

Michele said...

*giggle*, hahaha!
I'm rollin' here, Kelli.

OK, I HAVE to ask....once the shark-deer has imbibed to the extent of it's burp be construed as a "mating call"?
And if your colleagues glug down enough, are they in danger of being mistaken for a love-struck shark-deer when they mega-belch too?
Oh the MAYHEM!!!!

OH,! Oh, Kelli, I have to share this. My 5 hear old just came up to the screen and was looking at the deer-shark. He scrunched up his little face in thought and looked at me. Went back to the screen and back to me.
"Mom, what is that?"
"It's a Deer-shark.", I say.
"Is it a mask?"
"Nope, it's real." I reply
He sees the one underneath. "Look, A Baby Deer!",, then he sees the other "deer-shark". "?????"

He looks at me for the Mom test and back to the screen.
Then his mouth quirks...breaks out into a grin..."It's FAKE MOM!!"
*sigh*, that's my boy.
"Yes,you're right. It's a trick with pictures."
"That's really funny!"

So, even a 5 year old appreciates your art, Kelli!

Rinda Elliott said...

Kelli? Sweetie? I think you need some company. Let's do our lunch thang real soon, kay?


Kelli McBride said...

Michele, I am rolling here. Your 5-year old is a doll!!

I do have to correct you: it is a Shark-Deer, not a Deer-Shark. To confuse the two is to confuse a Great White and a Dolphin. The Deer-Shark is a kindly shark that only eats flora and fauna of the sea (and I don't mean Ariel's sisters). ;-) It also likes beer, but only 2 Dogs Lemon or Orange, which my colleagues tell me is not a "real" beer. But if it says "beer" on the label, then I say it's beer.

Kelli McBride said...

Rinda, I was thinking the same thing. I friend of mine, who is coming to the November OKRWA meeting, would love to do a weekend retreat at a hotel. You know, a handful of writers, a luxury suite complete with jacuzzi and kitchenette, and hours to laze around talking about our writing.

Are you interested? We could bring wine, we could give ourselves facials, we could have Mandy bring the Barbara Cartland films and have a good old romance fest.

As for lunch, how about next Saturday?

Michele said...

Thanks for the correction Kelli.
Transpositions have always been an internal glitch with me.

Hmmmm, so I guess you have to send us a pic of the deer-shark next. Need to be able to tell the diff. in the wild you know. If I were to stumble into the Shark-deer's territory by accident with the wrong beer...OH MY!!!!!