Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Sweet Deer-Shark

Just for Michele, who is concerned about confusing the sneaky, dark-beer swilling Shark-Deer with the sweet, Two-Dogs Lemon or Orange beer sipping Deer-Shark, I have found a picture of the flora and fauna eating Deer-Shark, breeching the ocean surface. As you can see, there is a significant difference in the two animals. For one, even if you did steal a Deer-Shark's Two Dog's beer, the cumbersome antlers make the Deer-Shark one of the slowest animals in the ocean. This is also why they are rarely seen - too many predators faster than they are.


Michele said...

Jumpin' deerbutts!!!

Kelli,you are amazing!
Yes, I see that I never have to worry about the deershark...only divers and surfboarders who might accidently get "goosed" when the deershark swims too close...ouch!
Thank you for clearing that up. The world is safe now.*grin*

Michele said...

Have a great weekend Kelli,
after today, I'm going to see Santa Claus...really!
Be back in a few. I'll be careful of the Shark-deer whilst I'm in the mountains. I feel fully prepared after viewing all your survival tips! LOL