Sunday, November 13, 2005

HBO's Rome

Have you been watching? HBO's series, ROME, is wonderful. I've only recently subscribed to HBO, so I haven't seen the show from the beginning. But the last 5 episodes have been magnificent. Ciaran Hinds as Caesar! James Purefoy as Marc Antony - hubba-hubba (seen to the left as Edmond the Black Prince in "A Knight's Tale"! And Kevin McKidd and Ray Stevenson as Varenus and Pullo simply make the show. There is no weakness in this series. The writing, acting, set design, cinematography - everything is excellent.

The season finale is next week: Methinks that show shall take place on March 15th - the dreaded Ides of March. But if you think you know the story of Caesar's rise and fall, think again. This series explores angles and viewpoints rarely if ever seen.

If you have HBO, start watching this series. If you don't, pick it up when it's released on DVD, which I'm sure it will be soon.


Michele said...

Dang, what excellent morning eye candy!
I loved A Knights tale! Inspired me to go to my first Renfest.
But no guy there looked as good as "Edmond the Black Prince"!

I don't have exteneded cable I'm going to have to wait until the DVD comes out...but I love spoilers!!!!

Have a great week!

Rinda Elliott said...

I see this show on all the time and since I don't want to find another reason to watch TV, I've avoided it. Damn.

Hey, today's word verification is lotrbmxh. Lord of the Rings something... I know bring my xylophone here! Someone stole poor Frodo's xylophone!

Dealing with writer's block today, can you tell?

Michele said...

Cool! Another person who has fun with word verif. I had "toy" today as a real it when that happens.

Dana Pollard said...

We don't have HBO, but were given a free week to try to snag us as customers... Well, that was the week ROME came out and I was hooked. I'm like a junkie wanting her next fix and can't have it.

I'll be on the look out for it when it's released on DVD. It IS awesome!

Jill Monroe said...

The dh and I caught up last night. The fight scene in the forum. So awful...but probably exactly like they were.

I'm glad I found someone who loves it as much as I!

Bonnie Ferguson said...

It sounds like a great show, Kelli!!!

Kelli McBride said...

It is a great show. And I didn't watch the show when I had the free preview because I didn't want to get hooked - I didn't know I would subscribe to HBO at that time. So now I have to wait until they rerun these episodes.

James Purefoy is also in a movie called George and the Dragon. Has anyone seen that?