Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Martha Stewart's Apprentice

Okay, I admit that I've become hooked on MS's version of the APRRENTICE. And finally - FINALLY - Amanda was booted out on her snooty heinie. Lord, I disliked her. The last 2 shows especially, she's really been a royal pain, holier-than-thou-ing it on each project. Marcela really was being sabotaged by Amanda and Ryan - and I can't believe how the two snakes kept teaming up on her and denying it.

I figure next week, Jim will be the one to go. I can understand why he's lasted this long - he has been effective in a weird sort of way. However, he's definitely too much of a loose cannon for Martha to trust in any postion of power. Of course, now that I've said this, he will probably be the one she chooses. ;-)

I think it's going to be either Dawna or Leslie.


Michele said...

Oh, poo, another show I don't watch.
I saw Martha's show for....60 seconds last night.
She is SO robotic.
Maybe the winner can take Martha's place?

Kelli McBride said...

Ha! Actually, she's very gracious on the show, but she does tend to be didactic and low key. But I find the show very interesting, and she isn't on it that much.

I find the tasks that the candidates are given to be really interesting, and since they tend to rely on creative/artistic methods as well as good business decisions, I usually like them better than the Trump tasks. Though I like the boardroom scenes better in Trump because the two VPs really give more criticism and feedback during the "grilling."

Michele said...

I guess my time frame for viewing this is limited.
I guess she has to eat her own words at the end.
as of this season
She's Fired!
Darn...I'll take your word for how good her show is.
Thanks for filling me in!!
Counting down until Thanksgiving a a couple of days off, yes???guessI i

Kelli McBride said...

Actually, MS doesn't say "You're fired!" She says, "I don't think you'll fit in."

Michele said...

Oh geez.
I do NOT want to know about her sex life....
Oh wait...we're talking about her SHOW....dang..sorry about that...
was reading something from Ellora's Cave....

Kelli McBride said...


You've completely RUINED it for me!! Now, everytime she says that, I'm going to have this mental image of her....well, it's too disturbing to even put in print.

Hmmm, I wonder if there's a market for Martha Stewart's Cavement books? Surely, it would be "a good thing."