Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pet Peeves

I hate packing peanuts. I'm coordinating an NRCA contest category, and someone sent her books packed in these styrofoam peanuts. With all the static in the air, I about never got these things to stop clinging to me, the books, my desk, etc. And, since I have to dispose of them and leaving them in the box is too risky (drop the box and they all fall out), I had to transfer them to a used mailer. Getting them out of the box and into that mailer reminded me of trying to fish out that little piece of egg shell that manages to drop into your bowl before you scramble the eggs. I'm not kidding. Arrgghhhh!!!

And why some authors feel compelled to treat their books as if they were Incan treasure, I have no idea. They're paperback books. I don't see the need for packing peanuts or 3 layers of postal tape. I even had one box that had postal tape under the seam so it would meet with the outer layer of tape - like a tape sandwich! My category is big (36 entries), and I wish everyone would use the mailers rather than big boxes. Today I carried home 8 mailer and 5 boxes. The other day, it was 7 mailers and 6 boxes. I know my neighbors think I'm either lucky to have so many friends to send me Christmas gifts, or that I'm an online shopaholic. ;-)

I will never tell.

Merry Christmas!!


Michele said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Kelli!

Peanuts...oh yea, I just had some to deal with. The good thing?
When they are made of the biodegradable material, my kids discovered that if you wet them (spit works real well) they stick to your face. Next thing I know, I've got these creatures running around my house with these strange white things attached to their bodies. They were a hit!!!

*shakes head*
The things kids think of.

Oh, did you know that if you take another (bigger) piece of egg shell, you can scoop the little piece out no problem? I've read that like attracts like but a finger or spoon chases it away. And the wierd part, it WORKS!
Try it next time a little rascally egg shell tries its escape routine.

Hope all your shopping is done. And I also hope you get to spend some quality holiday time with your neice!

Felice Navidad!

Dana Pollard said...

I vote that you're just lucky and your friends love you so much they send you awesome stuff!

I hate packing peanuts too. And for books? Puhleeze? It's not like they're going to break.

Kelli McBride said...

Michele - thanks for the egg shell tip. I will definitely try it out. Shopping is almost done. My older sister and Mom and I are going out tomorrow late. I've got a few goodies I'd like to buy my niece.

Dana - Aw shucks! I do have great friends. I spent tonight with a really super friend. I took pizza and toasted ravioli to her house because she was baking, getting ready for her kids and guests to arrive. She's Italian and has all of these delicious Italian goodies that she makes from scratch each year. Some of the recipes are known only to her and were handed down from mother to daughter for generations.

It was a great evening.

Have a merry Christmas!