Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Spring Fever in Winter?

The unseasonably high temperatures we've been having in OK, 60s and 70s, have fooled my sinuses into thinking it's Spring. Thus, Monday morning I woke to the delight of a sore throat with mild congestion. Being well-versed in the lore of sinus infections, I knew what to expect: rapidly deteriorating conditions leading to bronchitis. Unfortunately, clinics were closed Monday, but I did get in yesterday. Got my medicine (used my new health insurance for the first time and saved over $75 in office visit and prescription cost - yay!). Since then, I have been living in a vaporizer and Vicks inhalent induced fog, propped up on my 7 pillows, with a box of Puffs at my side. I've only had chicken noodle soup to eat for 2 days. So far, this has been a very mild cold. I think the chicken soup is a very important key. But my back aches from sleeping vertically for 3 days.

This afternoon, in a test run, I entered the world again. I took a trip to Walmart to buy a Homedics Percussion Massager because my neck and back was hurting so much the pain was giving me a headache. All I can say is Wow! This massager is fantastic. I have a damaged nerve in my back from car accident in 1992, and it's just out of reach. So when it's hurting, unless someone is on hand to rub my back, I just suffer. Hah! No longer. This not only reaches the spot, but it provides more than adequate massage to ease the pain. I am quite ecstatic!


Dana Pollard said...

Hope you start feeling better! I hate colds... no matter what form they come in. They are just nasty!

Michele said...

Aw Kelli! A cold this time of year is no fun. After all the work you put in gearing up towards relaxing for the holidays w/o school work and you get this..ick! But, having a handy-dandy modern techno miracle at your finger tips is awesome! Hope it gets the kinks out completely so you can enjoy any New Years Celebrations you have planned.

Did you know that Garlic Has anti-viral properties? Hope you gots lots in your soup...I'm a big proponent of chicken soup myself.
In fact, I need to make a batch and freeze it for just such an occurrance. Thanks for the reminder!!!