Monday, October 10, 2005

Guilty Pleasures - a final summary

Okay, here's a list of all the other Guilty Pleasure movies I was going to list.
  1. The Black Shield of Falworth - Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh
  2. Bolero - Bo Derek and Andrea Occhipinti (worth it for the site of his masculine buttocks)
  3. All of Me - Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin
  4. Grease 2 - Adrian Zmed, Michelle Pfieffer, and Maxwell Caufield - some really great tunes
  5. Point Break - Keanu Reeves, Keanu Reeves, and Keanu Reeves (and some other people)
  6. Barbara Cartland's Ghost in Monte Carlo, Duel of Hearts, and Hazard of Hearts
  7. Goldmember - Austin Powers keeps getting better with each film
  8. Elvis: Blue Hawaii, Girl Happy, GI Blues
  9. Queen of the Damned - Stuart Townsend, the 4th Vampire Lestat story
  10. Supernova - Angela Bassett and James Spader - Spader is really buff in this film
  11. Sneakers - Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Dan Akroyd, River Phoenix - a really fun, quirky film

I am sure there are plenty more really bad or mediocre films that I watch way too much, but that's my initial list.


Anonymous said...

Sneakers IS a fun film :) And I loved Stuart Townsend as Lestat.

Rinda Elliott said...

I love Sneakers! Point Break, too. Queen of the Damned wasn't tooo bad. I don't think I've seen most of the movies you've listed over the last couple of weeks.

Kelli McBride said...

Sneakers is fun, but for some reason seemed to be panned by critics. Maybe they don't like Redford doing light-hearted flicks. And the ending with James Earl Jones is a hoot.