Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Orlando on David Letterman

Fate is kind, sometimes.

Last night, after the Yankee-Angel game, I popped over to David Letterman, though I haven't regularly watched any late night show in a long time. I couldn't believe it! Orlando Bloom was his guest. It was fabulous.

Orlando is so charming. He looked great, in a steel grey pinstipe suite with a white open-necked shirt (French cuffs). His hair was long-ish because he's filming Pirates right now. And he did his American accent for David (he plays an American in Elizabethtown - opening this week).

He is always gorgeous, but when he truly laughs, he is irresistable. Okay, not that I would do any resisting anyway. ;-)

Here's a cheeky pic of him showing off his tattoo.


Michele said...

Oh yum!
Those Orlando pics are wonderful eye candy!!!!

You know, I'm going to be bad right now. Really Bad...

I checked your past blogs posts. You are like me....no tags. So, please allow me to say this in the friendly vein it is intended....


its that 23rd posting, 5th sentance thingy I got tagged with.
I want some company....*grin*

(ps. loved Sneakers too!)

Anonymous said...

He's definitely charming. He was on Oprah the other day and he surprised some fans of his, in Kentucky where he filmed Elizabethtown, and the look on the girl's face when he came to the door was priceless ;)

Kelli McBride said...

My friend, author Ammanda McCabe, was telling me about this during lunch Saturday. I can't imagine opening the door and seeing him. I know, of course, that I would look a mess. That's McBride's Law - whenever I bump into someone gorgeous, I always look a fright. ;-)