Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lauren turns 3!

My niece, Lauren, is the most amazing child. She turns 3 next week, and I finally downloaded a picture from my cell phone that I took last year that I want to share. This is from her Doodleboard. She drew it herself - with no help (including coaching) from Aunt Keckie (as she calls me). I didn't even suggest the topic. So, at 2 years old, she drew this wonderful picture of what she calls a CAT - and I think it's amazing.

Here's a picture of us in front of my computer. This was taken over a year ago (excuse my horrendous hair cut). Her hair is golden blonde, much longer and very curly. The stuff around her mouth is lipstick. I'd just put some on, and she came up to me and kissed me on the mouth. ;-)

If you haven't guessed it by now, I am completely devoted to this child. God help anyone that tries to harm her in any way.


Michele said...

Oh, Kelli, she's a CUTIE!
And the "Cat", you can SEE it's a cat..amazing! Your niece is a budding artist. I think Aunty is going to spoil her by getting her "creative" tools, paints, crayons...ooh, has she tried those new Crayola magic markers?? Those are SO Cool! Can't mark anything except the special paper. They have these cool themed books that as she'll swipe a crayon over the spot, magically a color, shape and drawing appears. My kids went through the entire book in one week. They were amazed! The best thing? No Mess. Nada. Zip. Mom, Loved it!!!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. LOL on the "piece of cloth" hung on the finial. You crack me up. Hope you don't get migraines too often. They are SUCH a nuisance. (um, that's a major understatement )
Today, I'm feeling better. Inhaled lots of OJ and Hot Mulled Apple Cider. Made beef stew with lots of garlic and onion. Should be ready to take on another Halloween evening. Speaking of which,

Rinda Elliott said...

She's beautiful and very, very lucky to have you as her aunt.

Happy Halloween!