Saturday, October 22, 2005

Movie Review - Elizabethtown

Ammanda McCabe and I went to see ELIZABETHTOWN tonight. Now, because Orlando Bloom is in this film, it is worth going to see. ;-) However, I was really overwhelmed by Orlando's acting in this movie. His movies to date have been light on dialogue or even range of emotion. Yet in this film, he runs the emotional gamut, and does so convincingly. This was a fantastic film. Mandy called it when she said it could have used better editing. I agree. The first part of the movie is long, and does drag in places as we go through various subplots. Still, those moments do not majorly detract from the overall film. There's one long phone scene between Drew (Orlando) and Claire (Kirsten Dunst) that is reminiscent of THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS (except no masturbation). And the scenes with Chuck and Cindy, the couple getting married who are staying at Drew's hotel, are marvelous.

Anyone from a small southern town, with lots of family, will find the scenes about family so familiar and honest. My dad has 6 brothers, so when we get together, it's a madhouse. And the mixture of tears and laughter in the midst of grieving the loss of family reminded me of those same moments in my family.

Go see this film. You'll leave the theatre with a lighter heart. (And more Orlando Bloom fantasies if you are of that persuasion. He was actually HERE in OKLAHOMA and I DIDN'T KNOW!!!!! Oh, the agony!)


Michele said...

Sounds like I should put this in my future TBW pile. I don't have the freedom to view current films right now....give me..say....9 more years....yup, that'll do it.
Thanks for heads-up of a good film.
Don't you think Orlando's role in Troy should have been bigger?

Michele said...

(@)~(@) (google eyes)

I wrote a comment yesterday and it doesn't show up. I find that if I write ANOTHER comment, the first one magically appears. Your is the 4th blog this has happened with.
So....this is my second comment to unlock the first...

Kelli McBride said...

Have you tried hitting "refresh" after you post a comment. Sometimes, my posts on my own blog don't appear, but if I hit refresh, they show up.

As for Orlando and Troy - I could have definitely seen more of him and less of Pitt - in more ways than one. ;-)