Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Postseason Spasms

I love baseball. I am a die-hard Cubs fan. I know, some of you are wondering how the two are connected. I live daily with the abuse that comes from loving the Cubs. Anyway, even though my Cubbies are rarely part of postseason play, I still enjoy the game. However, now I am in spasms because PRISON BREAK will not be on again until AFTER THE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! I can't take it. Waiting for 3 weeks to see Michael and company break out of prison. It was bad enough having to wait for January to see the conclusion to Battlestar Galactica's finale, but at least I had my new show.

I'm also having serious scheduling issues on Thursday night. It use to be an easy night: CSI at 8 and Without a Trace at 9. Now, Alias is on opposite Smallville at 7, and CSI is up against the new Night Stalker at 8. What about Tuesday and Saturday when nothing's on? Please, give me something to watch then! Unfortunately, the few shows that I consider MUST SEE TV all seem to be scheduled opposite each other on Thursday and Friday nights.

Of course, maybe I'll get some writing done. I've fallen into the bad habit of switching on the TV rather than writing - this has been going on for several years. Of course, I have been writing: graduate papers, reports, handouts, lesson plans. It seems that all I do is write, but not my fiction. But now that grad school is over, I can perhaps retrain myself and start working on one of those books gathering cyber dust under my digital bed.

So Go Cubs! There's always next year, and perhaps the Yankees will lose so horrendously that Coach T will leave and consider the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field - home of traditional baseball and the best fans in the world.


Michele said...

They have a new Night Stalker out??
Oh Wow!
I loved the old series. I even rented an old episode I found and let my kids watch. Had to edit some of the vampire stuff though.
I can only hope that they don't overdo gross stuff instead of spending time on a great story line. And it's opposite CSI? ARGH! I agree, Tuesdays need something.
Sports...I'm impressed you like sports. I'm a girly girl....I don't do sports...well, except Professional Bull Riding..but that doesn't count. Only 8 second wonders there.

Kelli McBride said...

Stuart Townsend (LeStat in Queen of the Damned) plays Kolchack. The Executive Producer is Frank Spotnitz, of X-Files fame, so it has the same feel. Lots of introspection and mystery but the debut last week had very little gore - nothing like CSI has.

Bull riding, hmmm? Though I'm an Okie, I have never been into rodeo. The only horse events I enjoy are Derby races and the English saddle equestrian events. I actually watch show jumping during the olympics when it's shown. ;-)

Michele said...

Ah! but I don't like regular Rodeo either. Only bulls; Big, Bad, Butt ugly bulls with studly riders who clench their manly thighs in a tight grip to hang on for dear life and limb. When they dismount, it is with anticipation that I watch to see if it will be a graceful jump, a suddenly hooked-in-the-well heart-stoppingly tense moment or a "shot in the shorts" bums rush as the bull chases him back to the gate or up and over the fence.
Horses just don't do it for me.
Give me a horny bull.
Um, I mean one with real horns....like a bull should look like.

Subject change *whew!*
Night Stalker already started? Drats, and I have a meeting to go to this Thursday . That means I'm going to miss another one.
Oh well. There's always reruns!

Anonymous said...

So then I guess I shouldn't ask how painful you found the 2003 playoffs when they came oh so close to making the World Series.

Rinda Elliott said...

Tuesdays? House. House. House. Bones is still in the running, too. Neither show will be on during October because of baseball. I spent the time writing last night then watched a slow, annoying "scary" movie.

Jill Monroe said...

Go Cubs!

That's just for you, Kels. I don't cheer for any other team.

So, here's my issue - the kids have soccer the EXACT same time as the OU Texas game. Uggghhhhh

Kelli McBride said...

First, thanks for the Cubs encouragement. I do remember the Bartman Ball Incident. It's...still difficult...to talk...about it....sob.

Second, how could I forget HOUSE???!!!! I adore Hugh Laurie. If you've never seen him in Blackadder, you've missed him at his comic best. He's so different in Blackadder, and yet still so talented. And the writing is so good on House - we can still love him, even when he complains about cancer kids.

Third, Bones isn't doing it for me. I know they're trying to recreate the Mulder-Scully situation, but the writing just isn't there for me. Of course David B. is eye worthy. ;-)

Fourth, OU-Texas weekend? I actually forgot. I've been so busy lately, and of course, last year teaching at OU, it's hard not to remember (OU teachers and students get this Friday off instead of Fall Break). I would love to see the game alternate between here and Dallas, though. I think it's only fair.