Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Man Behind the Mask Behind the Mask

Betty has been claiming that Brad Pitt is behind the Nicholas Cage mask in these pictures, but I've discovered that this is just another mask to hide her REAL obsession. Would anyone care to guess who that might be? I shall post this scandalous picture soon.


Dana Pollard said...

You take off the Cage Mask to find the Brad Mask to find the Whoever Mask to find the Brad Mask. It's vicious cycle that all comes back to Brad.

I was there. I know.

Betty S said...

Dana knows!!

Betty S said...

The reason "some people" are having such a difficult time pinning this down is because back in the 60s group sex was common.
☺ ;-) ☺
Tommy Lee Jones!! Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, James Garner, Richard Geer, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon, And some luscious hunks whose names I can't even remember, but whose anatomy is indelibly imprinted in my mind. Memorable. Absolutely Memorable.