Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Mask Comes Off

And Betty's real dream hunk is...THE DONALD!!


Betty S said...

Ah, yes.
That explains why I'm rolling in the big bucks!!

Betty S said...

I sent this to a friend from work, who wrote back that she loved the "Barbara Bush" pearls. I gagged. Then, I pointed out that from this day forward they will always be known as Betty "Trump" pearls.

Kelli McBride said...

I love 'Betty Trump pearls'!

I figured the Donald was an even better match than Nick Cage. You are such a greed, ambitious, avaricious person. ;-)

Dana Pollard said...

Heck with his money, even "I" would jump on the Donald Bandwagon. I would even be able to put up with his hair, too.

Betty S said...

The hair is an issue.
Someone should tell him about wigs. He can afford it.

Greedy, ambitious, and avaricious?
Now you know the true me.
Let all my competition beware!!

Michele said...

You know what , Kelli?
That pic looks natural.
I'd almost believe it was real.

Lucky lady!

Betty S said...

Now, if he just looked like Tommy Lee Jones. I swear to god, as I fan myself just thinking about it, there will never be another Tommy Lee.

Michele said...

Tommy Lee and Betty...they rhyme!
Sounds like you've been challenged, Kelli!!
There MUST be a pic of her and Tommy. If anyone can find it, it's YOU!!!

Betty S said...

Hello, Michele!
I like the way you think.

Michele said...

Thanks Betty! **grin**

Betty S said...

Love your photo!

You are so petite and your yard is dreamy.

Betty S said...

I can't stand it anymore!

Michele said...

LOL !!

"Thank You Very Much"
in latin.

I borrowed a contempory latin book that had current sayings and translations...even some naughty stuff that was a riot.!!

Hope you feel better now... *wink*

Ooooh, you like my garden, truly?
Pollinating is SUCH a chore....**giggle/flutter**