Sunday, January 08, 2006

Woo-Hoo: Battlestar is Back!

Battlestar Galactica opened it's newest season Friday night. Wow! What an excellent episode - except that it ended!! I can't wait for next Friday.

The show just gets better and better. Every episode seems to add a new layer for us to think about, question, gape at. And I love it that the Cylons are not this easy to hate enemy. The emotional and ethical complexity of this shows makes it one of the best dramas on TV. And this episode adds a real doozy: do you have the moral right to take a life if that life threatens the greater good of your group? Is assassinating a bad leader justifiable? The show is also paralleling some of the important issues we're facing in America - especially the issue of torture. The Pegasus and Admiral Cane embrace torture as a means to gain information. They view their Cylon prisoner as a thing. Her imprisonment has made her long for death. In contrast, we have the Galactica and Commander Adama who, though still mostly seeing Grace as a thing, still treat her humanely. Ultimately, the issue isn't about the enemy; it's about the captor. What does our treatment of those under our care reveal about our values?

President Roslin is nearing her death, and I'm anxious to see how they resolve that. I certainly hope they don't kill off Laura Roslin. I'm wondering if they find her a nice Cylon body to download her conscious into. Or if she's revealed to be a Cylon. I still have my suspicious about Billy.

We'll just have to tune in to find out. Dang it!


Dana Pollard said...

My husban is HUGE BG fan. Every Friday night he goes into our bedroom and shuts the door. No one is allowed in until it is over.

Verra strange... lol

Kelli McBride said...

I was at my parent's home when BG was on Friday, and I actually had to tell my dad to move out of my way so I could see the TV! My sister and her family were leaving after dinner, and everyone was hugging and kissing. Still, to stand right in front of the TV!! Arrgghhh!!! I usually tape episodes even if I'm watching them because I never know when someone is going to call or if I'm going to be at another house with people who don't respect other people's TV obsessions. ;-)