Friday, January 27, 2006

What do you like in screwball comedy romances?

WHEN I write, I write what I term "screwball comedy romances." Imagine Grace from Will and Grace meeting Mr. Right at all the WRONG times. My problem is finding a balance between the comedy and a true conflict that will challenge the characters but not be so serious that it is at odds with the humor. My WIP, THE WEDDING CURSE, is currently floundering because I can't get the right balance. At first, my conflict was too shallow - they were basically arguing over the same thing over and over again. Then I made the conflict more serious but that didn't work well with the short, comedic nature of the book. Aaarrrrgghhh!!

So what attracts you to humorous books? What kind of conflicts for a modern man and woman - neither of whom are looking for romance or even marriage?


Betty S said...

Conflicts in lifestyles or priorities. Each has to learn a whole new frame of reference to understand the other. Learning to appreciate and love someone who doesn't fit the mold you thought you were looking for.

Michele said...

Conflicts between men and women? Many are caused by communication. So, do you mean besides the fact that men say things and have no clue why we get upset?
You mean the way men jump to conclusions thinking they know how to finish your sentences and what you finally end up saying is nowhere on the same planet as them?Or when guys get all flustered when you ask them to actually state their feelings and they're not sure if it is a trap?
Or when you decide you want to go into an "adult" toy shop as sweet as you please because your vibrater burnt out, and you ask him to wait in the car for you?
Or the way he hits the roof or can't seem to lift his jaw off of his lap at the same time not remembering how to speak English?
That kind of conflict??

Gee, I have no ideas for you Kelli.
None at all.

Jill Monroe said...

I really like a good comedic romance, my faves are when you could actually see it happening.