Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Guilty Pleasure - Hearts and Armour

This is a movie made in Italy, dubbed in English (titled I Paladini in Italian). Starring Ron Moss as Ruggero and Rick Edwards as Rolando, this medieval knight's tale is based on Ludovico Ariosto's epic poem, ORLANDO FURIOSO (which I have read). Anyone who has read Spenser's THE FAERIE QUEENE will recognize bits of the story as well.

It takes place during a crusade, Moor vs. Christian. Ruggero is a Moorish prince and Rolando a Christian Knight. Barbara de Rossi is Bradamante, a Joan of Arc-like female who is given mystical armor and takes off to the crusades. Tanya Roberts is Angelica, Ruggero's sister.

The story is basically a star-crossed lovers tale. Rolando and Angelica, Ruggero and Bradamante. Bradamante meets a witch who shows her the future - she will love the man she sees in her vision, but she will be unable to stop his fate (in the vision, the knight in armor is killed by a Christian knight). We latter realize that Ruggero is that knight because of his armor.

The leaders of the two armies decide to end the slaughter of their men by each choosing a champion to meet in battle to decide the victor. Those men are Ruggero and Rolando. Of course, love triumphs, but just how is a surprise so I won't ruin it for you.

The movie is very melodramatic, a bit bizarre in places, and completely unbelievable in others (Tanya Roberts as a Moorish princess?). But it's still a movie that romantics will love, especially if you like stories of knights.

And Ron Moss and Rick Edwards are really gorgeous. Nuff said.