Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Guilty Pleasure - Kull

Even though I much prefer Kevin Sorbo as the golden-haired Hercules (right pic), I really liked KULL, his first cinema movie as a lead. It's certainly not up there with Lord of the Rings. In fact, it has more in common with the older Conan movies, but Sorbo is much more delicious than Arnold.

So, Kull is this commoner who becomes king by fluke, thereby pissing off several people who thought they should be king. He also ticks off the priests when he decides he wants to bring a more democratic spirit to the land. No one will be kept from office because of birth.

In the former king's harem, he sees a beautiful woman (Karina Lombard) who tells fortunes. There is instant sparkage, but before they can really get together, in comes Tia Carrere (with her hair an unusual shade of orange-red). She casts a spell on Kull, marries him, and then plans to have him assassinated on the wedding night. But he escapes with the help of a priest, who turns out to be the harem girl's exiled brother.

Tia turns out to be a demon who, in a few weeks, will be reborn and send the world into utter darkness and misery. Kull must defeat her by following a prophecy. So he and his friends set out. They do defeat her, Kull marries the harem girl, the bad king wanna-be (Thomas Ian Griffith), is killed, and unfortunately, so is the harem girl's brother.

This is very campy, but it's full of sword fights, braggadaccio, swagger, and love. SIGH.

I really can't help myself. Everytime it's on, I have to catch at least a bit of it.


Michele said...

Hi & Wow,
Never heard of the movie.
I loved Kevin Sorbo in Hercules,
the other Sci-fi series he was in was OK.
If this Kull is shown on the Sci-fi channell, then I guess I won't be seeing it any time soon.
That's too bad....it sounds like my kind of movie..
Thanks for the heads-up.
BTW-found you through Gena's blog.

Kelli McBride said...

It's on other channels as well - usually late night. It really is fun - not campy enough to be cheesy, but it has pretentions of epic-ness that the script just doesn't back up. That makes it hokey.

Gena is the only reason I began blogging. She wanted to do one and asked me how, so I had to try it out before setting her's up. And she has become a master blogger.