Friday, September 16, 2005

A Life-long Dream

The Divine Luciano-

For decades, I have longed to see/hear Luciano Pavarotti in concert. I think he is the best singer ever - of any genre. Listening to him can bring me to tears. This morning, I found out that he is appearing in Tulsa, OK on the first of 4 farewell tour dates in the US. When I told my dear friend, Marie Dawson, about it, she didn't believe me at first. She, too, adores Luciano. So we googled "Pavarotti" and "Tulsa" and sure enough there it was. But getting tickets? We figured they'd be sold out or too expensive. Not so. Yes, we are in the nosebleed section, and partly behind the stage, but it's his VOICE not his face we are interested in, so that's okay. So for $65 a piece, we are going to see him and fulfill a dream.

I am so excited!! We bought the tickets online at 8:40 am, and I had to teach at 9:00. I went in so high on adrenaline, that I had to give a few shouts and beat the desk to work off some excess energy. My students, accustomed to my eccentricities, enjoyed it thoroughly and were thoughtful enough to offer to cancel class so I could regain my composure. What dear, sweet, considerate students I have. ;-) I didn't bite.