Monday, September 05, 2005

Guilty Pleasure - The Last Dragon

Eddie Arcadian: Where are you gonna go, Angie? Without me, you're nothing! Without that outfit, you're just another no-talent dental hygiene school drop-out from Kew Gardens getting by on her tits!
Angela: And in the end, Eddie, you know what? You're nothing but a misguided midget asshole with dreams of ruling the world. Yeah, also from Kew Gardens. And also getting by on my tits.

That was just one of the fantastic bits of dialogue from this movie that make it worth watching over and over again. Another product of the 1980's, THE LAST DRAGON is a campy salute to kung-fu and Mo-Town. Starring Taimek as Leroy Green (aka Bruce Leroy), and Vanity as Laura Charles, the movie follows the story of Bruce Leroy, a man seeking enlightenment through martial arts. His family, especially his younger brother Richie, do not get it at all. Leroy's arch-nemesis is Sho 'Nuff, the Sho-gun of Harlem, played magnificently by Julius Carry III. Leroy won't fight him because that is against the principles he has devoted himself to.

Leroy saves the beautiful Laura, the host of a weekly video music show called 7th Heaven. She is kidnapped by Eddie Arcardian's goons. Eddie is a music producer trying to get his girlfriend's song on Laura's show. Angie, the girlfriend, has no talent and the songs are really bad (and so deliciously funny). Angie is played by the fantastic Faith Prince. Laura has refused to play the video, so Eddie is going to threaten her. When Leroy blows his plans a second time, Eddie decides to take him out by hiring Sho 'Nuff.

If you love kung-fu movies, then you should check this out. It is way over the top, and the music is pretty cheesy (remember DeBarge?), but it all works together to make a really fun movie. And in the end, good defeats evil and love triumphs.