Tuesday, September 27, 2005

TV Hunks - additions to the list

Now that the new season is upon us, I have to add a few names to my hunkiest TV male characters. When new evidence presents itself, I am driven to reassess and adjust accordingly - it's the researcher in me.

So, I have added Jamie Bamber (aka Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama) to the list based on the last few episodes (and particularly the towel scene). Hot, hotter, hottest. Now that Richard Dean Anderson is not a regular on Stargate SG-1, I'm happy to find a new Friday night hottie to drool over. Plus, like SG-1, Battlestar Galactica is an incredible show. I'm sooooooooo anxious for January when the new season starts (Sci-Fi shows do several mini-seasons rather than 1 big season, so we get 2 cliffhanger finales a year).

My other entry is from the show PRISON BREAK, Monday's at 8:00 CST. I really like this show a lot. I know it soft-soaps prison life, but this isn't HBO, so they have to. Anyway, Wentworth Miller (aka Michael Scofield) is delicious. Not only is he British (and I am dying to hear him speak in his native accent), but he has a degree from Princeton in English Literature. He's one of my kind. ;-)

His charisma is in part the smoothness of his voice (simply yummy) and in part the intensity of his gaze. He also has the most sensitive mouth - the kind you want to hang on for hours (and I mean hang on with your own lips).

Dominic Purcell (aka Lincoln Burrows) is also a serious hottie - he also has a deep, smooth voice that is like velvet running up and down your most errogenous of zones. He also has an intense gaze. I really liked him in his other show, JOHN DOE, and hated that they cancelled it. But I still prefer Scofield. Perhaps because his character appeals to me more. He's not a screw up like Lincoln. He's a hero, willing to sacrifice his life in order to save his falsely-convicted brother.


Shawn said...

Did you get a chance to see Dominic Purcell in Blade Trinity? He was yum in that also!

Bonnie Ferguson said...

Ah yes, Wentworth Miller is sexy ;) Even when he played a ghost on the first episode of ghost whisperer . . . he has a lovely voice.

Kelli McBride said...

I haven't seen Trinity yet. One of those things on the "to do" list. ;-)

I missed the Ghost Whisperer episode - but I thought that looked and sounded like him on the commercial.

He was also on Dinotopia, playing David.

So did you see Monday's episode? I just moved into my trailer, but I don't get cable connected until tomorrow, so I drove to my parent's house (20 minutes away) just so I could see the show. ;-)

And it was worth it! Lord, what a climactic ending.