Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Guilty Pleasure - STROKE OF MIDNIGHT

STROKE OF MIDNIGHT, also called IF THE SHOE FITS, is a retelling of Cinderella. Jennifer Grey is a shoe designer living in Paris, sharing an apartment with two wanna-be models. She is fairly non-descript, wearing baggy clothes, glasses, no-makeup, etc. She gets a job at Salvatore's, a design house run by Rob Lowe as Salvatore. He is creative, dramatic, extravagant, selfish, and completely surrounded by yes-people, snobs, and sycophants. He's going through an emotional and professional crisis because his life lacks truth and reality (though he doesn't know this yet). He hires Grey to be a general designer, and she catches his notice by not sucking up to him, and encouraging him to be more independent (his sycophants wait on him hand and foot).

He throws a big party to celebrate his latest collection, and Grey is invited. Enter fairy godmother, or rather a very bizarre red-headed woman who is always asking for directions. Grey was nice to her, even though she was running late and dropped her sample shoes to show Salvatore. These pumps, white with glass beads, are given a special something by the woman. When Grey is getting ready for the party, her friend having borrowed a dress from Salvatore's collection for Grey to wear, the only shoes to match are these pumps. When she puts them on, she is transformed into a sleek, gorgeous goddess who later is dubbed Prudence. She doesn't know it yet, though because she doesn't even look in the mirror.

She goes to the party, Salvatore is enthralled, and she runs away eventually. He recognizes the shoes as being Grey's creations and questions her the next day about her friend. So eventually, he hires Prudence to be the face of his new collection (the old one was a bomb). She insists that her shoes be designed by "Kelly" - Grey's real character. So he hires her. And they begin a great working relationship, but he is "in love" with Prudence.

It all works out, Salvatore grows up, Kelly gains confidence, and Prudence fades away.

It's a bit campy, certainly not on the level of Drew Barrymore's EVER AFTER, but it's a delightful, fluffy retelling of this classic story.


Gena Showalter said...

I haven't seen this one, but now I want to really bad!

Kelli McBride said...

It's wonderful! And Rob Lowe is tanned and so-o-o-o-o blue-eyed in this movie!!