Thursday, September 15, 2005

Musical Gibberish - Muskrat Love

"Muskrat Suzy, Muskrat Sam, do the jitterbug in muskrat land..."

Why? That's all I can think to say after hearing this song, which I did yesterday morning on Sirius' 70s channel.

Why would someone write such a song for an adult audience?
Why would it be so popular?
Why use a synthesizer to reproduce the sounds of muskrats (I assume that's what that noise is supposed to represent. BTW, this is one of the most dastardly uses of the synthesizer. The best use, IMHO, is by Ferris Buller when he synthesizes various bodily sounds).
Why did Captain and Tennille have another hit after this seemingly career-ending song?
Why do I somehow know almost all the words to this?

"And he's tickling her fancy, rubbing her toes, muzzle to muzzle, now anything goes..."

Just kill me now. Please!!


Michele said...

I was so dazzled by the movie pictures, I missed this gem.
I remember the silent Captain and the nauseatingly perky Tenille.
How did they get together again? Pantomime?
That was, what I call, bubblegum music. Glad it "Popped" after awhile.
Remember the Hudson Brothers Show???
If so....Please share your memories...or the Bugaloos....
Blast from the past!