Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ben Browder - aka John Crichton (Farscape) and Cameron Mitchell (Stargate SG-1)

Well, my #2 sexiest man on TV is Ben Browder. And have you noticed how many men on this list are from Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows? Another trend I did not intend but simply happened. Probably because the characteristics I find appealing are so prevalent in sci-fi/fantasy stories. So, let's run them down for Ben as John Crichton:

--Han Solo-ish wardrobe - lots of leather and Wynona, his gun, at his hip (early in the show, he usually wore his space flight suit, so I got both styles)
--Guilt and loss in his past: separated from Earth and his family/friends because of a close encounter with a wormhole. Upon exiting wormhole, he causes the death of a stranger by accident.
--Quest: to find a way home and to defeat Scorpius
--Smart with problem-solving skills: you don't get to be an astronaut on good looks. He's smart and he's got a lot of street smarts.
--Wise-cracks and humor: you betcha. Part of the fun of Farscape was listening to his Earth humor and watching the aliens around him trying to figure out what the heck he was talking about.
--Mystery: definitely an alpha male who hides many facets of himself. Crichton was not exactly an enigma, but there were many shows where we discovered hidden depths in him. I really loved the episode where he and Aeryn were trapped on that planet and lived out their lives there - we saw them both aging. The episode showed off both Ben and Claudia Black's acting abilities, and it revealed some wonderful parts of them both.

As Colonel Cameron Mitchell on SG-1, Ben hasn't had enough time to really inhabit the character, and IMHO, the writers haven't given him enough stuff to do. He and Daniel Jackson seem to be sharing the leadership role, but I hope Mitchell takes over like Jack O'Neill did. Mitchell's character is intelligent, intuitive, tough, witty/sarcastic, and at this point still mysterious because we don't really know what drives him.

Physically, Ben has incredible blue eyes, and though I've heard he is on the short side, he is perfectly proportioned. I think I love his accent the most, though. I wonderful Southern touch to his voice that is charming and disarming. When matched with his razor-like wit, it is a wonderful contradiction: the soft tones of a Southern gentleman with piercing humor. And that drawl just pours out of him like warm honey. It is so sexy.

How anyone can pass up Ben Browder on a list of sexy TV guys is beyond my comprehension. He's tops.


Gena Showalter said...

I need more info on this man -- aka his picture. :)

Rinda Elliott said...

Tops is right. He's number one on my list.

Jeez, I can't wait to see who is number one. You are the queen of suspense.

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