Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kevin Sorbo (aka Hercules)

The next two entries are a tie. Both from the Hercules/Xena franchises, Kevin Sorbo and Kevin Smith played characters that formed a binary: light and dark. But both were very sexy.

First, Kevin Sorbo as Hercules. Physically, Sorbo is beautiful but all man. Tall and muscular, but lithe and lean. His tawny mane of hair and tanned skin set off his luminous blue eyes to perfection. And though he never wore a pilot's jumpsuit, his braided leather pants were quite okay as a substitute.

But all the hunkiness in the world cannot overcome a bad character. The mythological Hercules is hardly my idea of a sexy man. He's more of a hulking brute, selfish, sulky, vain, and more brawn than brains. He was eager to fight, and didn't seem all too concerned about helping others. However, Sorbo's Hercules is a hero. With a staff of clever, fantastic writers, and an actor that showcased a variety of emotions and moods, this Hercules was fun, sexy, endearing, and a peace lover. He used his strength to help people, and often his most important feats were accomplished by changing someone's attitude, not by beating them into a pulp.

His past and present were full of anguish as he lost family and friends because of his dedication to freeing people from domination by the gods. His quest was to make life better, and though it brought him much bitterness and loss, he remained true to this quest, with only a few detours.

At its peak, Hercules the show was the #1 syndicated show on TV. I cannot believe Kevin Sorbo did not make the top ten list, especially since he's still on TV in Andromeda (great space pilot warddrobe, but Dylan Hunt isn't as sexy as Hercules).

I would gladly have paid to be the skin oiler on the set - surely there was someone in charge of oiling up all those muscles!


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