Thursday, August 11, 2005

Richard Hatch - aka Apollo

He was so hot as Apollo on Battlestar Galactica. I especially loved the episodes where he and Starbuck would play tripod, the intergalatic version of basketball and soccer. I really loved the uniforms - basically a speedo and shoulderpads. Man, was Richard Hatch cut.

His intensity and ethics made his character heroic, and he was smart. Plus, he kept his deep feelings to himself, so you always knew there was much more seething beneath the surface than he usually let on. That's so sexy - knowing that all that alphaness is storing up and can explode at any minute in anger or passion. Whew!

He still looks good today.

I have all 24 episodes of the original BG on tape, and I admit to occasionally watching all my fav scenes of Apollo - I just fast forward through the rest. ;-)


Jill Monroe said...

Werid, when I saw the name Richard Hatch I immediately thought Survivor.

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