Sunday, August 14, 2005

Half-way there

Well, I'm half way to the end of my sexiest men on TV list. Though this bottom half is in no real order of best to better, the top slots are leading up to my #1 sexiest man. Can those of you who know me guess who it is?

No, it's not Tom Brokaw - only actors playing fictional characters are eligible. ;-)

Don't worry, Rinda, I've not forgotten B.B. (not King), and there are some men of mythic stature still to come.

How's your list coming?


Rinda Elliott said...

Maybe I haven't had enough coffee or maybe this freaking Long Remodeling Project is stealing much needed brain cells... B.B?

Seriously, hitting a blank here.

Duh, the Ben. Oh yeah. Sigh. The Ben. Missed every episode but two. I hate when good shows are on Friday night.

Kelli McBride said...

Hmm...are we sampling the Apple Riesling? Does Kathy know about your serious lapses in memory?

Ben is doing a great job in SG1 but he isn't in the spotlight enough. Daniel Jackson seems to have taken a more lead role, but I think he's a bit of a snot at times. Too intellectual and not aggressive enough.

But BB looks great in that gear. I do miss Wynona, though. ;-)

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