Monday, August 15, 2005

David Duchovny - aka Fox Mulder

I so lusted after Fox Mulder that at one time I belonged to an email group that had a cyber mansion and all we did was plan orgies involving David. ;-)

He's not traditionally handsome, sure, but you put it all together and add intelligence and humor, and yummy.

He meets most of my reqs: anguished past he needs to absolve; quest (for the Truth); emotions held tight; keen problem solving; use of humor and sarcasm; mysterious (or "Spooky' as he was dubbed on the show).

For me, the X-Files was a must see. I did not plan anything on nights that a first run episode was showing. And when Duchovny left, all the magic seemed to leave as well. Though I love Gillian Anderson, it wasn't right without Fox.

I also love it that David is an English major with advanced degree work. He even taught college for a while. And he played basketball. Brains and athleticism. Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

No dumb hunk here. And I loved his cameo in ZOOLANDER. David always seems to have fun mocking his own celebrity.

He's gotta be on the list.


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