Friday, August 12, 2005

My TV Hunks: Do I Detect a Theme?

After I made my list and had posted Apollo and Hawk, I really took a good look at my list and was surprised at some of the similarities between these characters.

Look at the list below and then see how these characteristics tend to pop up in the rest of my nominees.

1. Has worn a flight suit as one TV character. I am including 2 types of suits - the Top Gun, military pilot's all-in-one suit and the Han Solo tight pants and jacket/vest combo (usually with gun attached at thigh). Hawk and Apollo: check.

2. Guilt in past that must be absolved. Many of these men's characters have been formed in part by a painful experience in the past that they feel they must pay for or that they regret. Hawk: his brother Sinjin is missing and his girlfriend died (though we find out in eventually that she is still alive and not a good person). Apollo: feels responsible for his brother's death in battle.

3. On a quest: sometimes as part of the absolution and sometimes just because it's part of their job, these men are on a life quest. Hawk: to find his brother. Apollo: to free his people from Cylon tyranny.

4. Problem-solving abilities: though most of these men play intelligent characters, they aren't just book smart. They can get out of difficult situations. Hawk and Apollo: check.

5. The use of humor and sarcasm: sometimes it's just because of a quirky sense of humor, but often it's a defense mechanism to hide their feelings. Hawk: definitely had a dry sense of humor and an irreverence for authority that often translated into sarcasm. Apollo: though he had a sense of humor, Apollo does not truly fit this category.

6. Control of emotions: though they usually don't show their emotions, you can tell that a great deal of passion seethes beneath that poker face. Hawk and Apollo: check.

7. Air of mystery: because these are usually wounded alpha males, they don't give away much information. You never can guess, then, what they might do or what talent or interest will be uncovered. Hawk: he collected fine art. Apollo: not really.

You will also notice that the men on this list generally have brown/dark hair and are 6" tall or more. They also have very chiseled features - Lord, but I love a great set of cheekbones and a well-defined jaw. That isn't a surprise to me: I love the tall, dark, and handsome stereotype.

One final qualification: I think there is a difference between a sexy character and a romantic character. There are several hunky guys I left off my list because I felt they were more romantic than sexy. The difference? Well, as best I can describe, a romantic man will make love to you and afterwards you'll feel like cuddling. A sexy man will screw you so thoroughly that even breathing is uncertain afterwards - total hormonal and emotional satiation. That doesn't mean that a sexy man can't be romantic and sensitive or that a romantic man isn't sexy, but it's an explanation of why guys like Dean Cain are not on this list.


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