Sunday, August 14, 2005

Michael T. Weiss - aka Jarod, the Pretender

The first episode of the Pretender that I saw involved Jarod impersonating a pilot. One look at that tall, intense man in a flight suit and I was hooked. Okay, that and the fact that the show was so much fun. The love/hate relationship between Jarod and Ms. Parker, the quest to find his family, his need to absolve himself of the evil deeds he unknowingly did by working for the Center, and the mixture of this dark, vengeful side with a childlike wonder at things as ordinary as an ice cream cone...add in action and humor and you've got a great show. Michael T. Weiss was sexy and charming as Jarod, and I really hate how the network dropped the ball on this show, and then TNT never finished the made-for-TV movies it supposedly was going to film.

Jarod deserves to be on the list of sexiest male TV stars. Some may even want to include his stint as Dr. Mike on Days of Our Lives. I did watch DOOL when Michael was a regular, but his character was more goofy than sexy, and I admit to being obsessed with Drake Hogestyn (aka John Black, aka Roman Brady, aka John Black again). I only had eyes for John Black (with occasional peeps at Robert Kelker Kelley as Bo Brady).

I will also recommend you rent the movie JEFFREY, starring Michael with Steven Weber and Patrick Stewart. This is a movie about gay men dealing with celibacy, love, and AIDS. It is a fantastic film, and though Michael plays a gay man, he is still hot. There is one scene where he dances and you see all the passion and pain this character is experiencing. Michael can really shake his groove thing.


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