Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pierce Brosnan - aka Remington Steele

Long before he was making hearts throb on the big screen, Pierce Brosnan was heating up Tuesday nights as Remington Steele, a mystery man pretending to be a private detective. This character had all the polish and grit of James Bond but was much more sexier because he was trying to be a monogamous lover to Laura Holt, the real detective behind the facade of Remington Steele.

Whenever he would kiss her hand then look up with those blue eyes, I would think - she is nuts to not jump his bones! He was and still is hot. Of course, I am also enthralled by a delicious British accent.

I do remember at the time that I had opera rehearsals every Tuesday night in season, and I would miss all first run episodes. This was before VCRs were so cheap that you could own three. So I would have to wait until the summer reruns to see the show. It killed me!

How Remington Steele did not make this list is beyond me. Not only did he bring a Cary Grant-like charm and magnetism to television, but he also had wit and mystery. He meets my criteria: on a quest (win Laura and find out who he really is); he has a past that he feels he must absolve in order to be worthy of Laura; he is witty and intelligent, vulnerable so he keeps his emotions hidden, and I do believe I've seen him in a flight suit. Broad-shoulders, long legs - his body is built for that suit and a tuxedo. He's a bit of alright.


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