Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tie: Kevin Smith - aka Ares

The other person tied for this spot is Kevin Smith, the actor who played Ares on Hercules and Xena.

Ares was the dark to Hercules' light. Definitely, he is a bad boy, full of vengence, spite, pettiness, and surliness. Yet with Kevin Smith's talent and some incredible writing, Ares was also charming and hotter than an Oklahoma sidewalk in July.

With long, curly hair or a much short cut, with a great beard and mustached trimmed in very angular, aggressive styles, Ares was pure Alpha Male. Wearing leather and studs that looked only steps removed from Klingon Haute Couture, Ares strutted his stuff with confidence, always sure that he was superior and should be ruling on high. What I loved were the moments when he would try charm and seducation rather than force to get a woman to do his bidding. And there were the many comical shows where Ares would be a bit ridiculous, but still, he rarely lost his swaggar.

I guess that's why I love this character. He has all the attributes of a Pirate King - a ruthless adventurer who still had charisma and charm.

Sadly, Kevin Smith died in a freak accident several years ago. He had a wonderful talent, and I certainly was hoping to see him in more shows. His Ares is definitely one of the hottest of the hotties, and it should be on the top ten list.


Rinda Elliott said...

I didn't know he'd died!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man.

Rinda, seriously bummed

Kelli McBride said...

Yes. It was after the series had ended. He sang with a band, and they were doing a sound check or something, and he fell off the stage and hit his head.

I was shocked and so upset.

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