Saturday, August 27, 2005

Lyrics - I Won't Send Roses

I thought I would start posting the lyrics to some of my favorite songs.

This first song, "I Won't Send Roses," was written by Jerry Herman. My favorite cover of it is by Michael Feinstein (he integrates it with another song, "Time Heals Everything").

I won't send roses or hold the door.
I won't remember which dress you wore.
My heart is too much in control.
The lack of romance in my soul will turn you gray kid, so stay
away kid.
Forget my shoulder when you're in need.
Forgetting birthdays is guaranteed.
And should I love you, you would be the last to know.
I won't send roses, and roses suit you so.

My pace is frantic. My temper's cross.
With words romantic, I'm at a loss.
I'd be the first one to agree that I'm preoccupied with me.
And it's inbred kid, so keep your head kid.
In me you'll find things likes guts and nerve, but not the kind
things that you deserve.
And so while there's a fighting chance just turn and go.
I won't send roses, and roses suit you so.

I think that is so romantic and sad. A man who loves the woman so much that he's warning her off. The musical arrangement is beautiful - at times brusque and quick, and at times mournful and solemn.


ts said...

I saw MF here in Adelaide last year and it was excellent. Haven't heard this song until yesterday, and I love it.
Apropos of nothing, have a very good friend who's even lent me her apartment while my house is being built, who comes from OK.

Anonymous said...


Awesome selection! Michael Ball does a nice job on YouTube w/a female singer doing 'Time Heals Everything'. That is soo MF's song!

'Roses' is on the CD I'm working on 'My Favorite Sings' (Broadway songs). My producer and I came up with adding an instrumental interlude of 'I Have Dreamed' between the verses.

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